Ready, Steady, Stop!

I’ve been getting ready to stop.  Ever since I was told I needed to stop (by my partner, then by a therapist, and finally by myself) I have been preparing things so that I can stop working and just “be me”.

It’s incredible how much preparation is required just to ensure my ‘break’ isn’t interrupted by work (or to ensure I’m not tempted to continue doing it). Continue reading “Ready, Steady, Stop!”

Back From Burnout

Who was I before the to-do lists?  Before the staff meetings and the payroll, the funding applications and the board meetings.  Before the mentoring sessions and the the safeguarding reports and the “you need to know the unique selling point of your charity…”?  Who was I before the late night prep,  the working through lunch break and the lying awake panicking?  Who was I before all of this?  The truth is I can’t remember.  No, that’s not the truth. The truth is I don’t know if there has ever been…if I have ever been anything else. Continue reading “Back From Burnout”